How to React to a Message on Instagram?

React to a Message on Instagram

Instagram keeps on coming up with new features that excite users, and in this blog, we are going to tell you about a new feature that is available for users using Instagram.

The feature that we are talking about is reacting to a message in a conversation, and if you are unaware of how to react to messages on Instagram, then you should not miss out on this blog, as you can’t miss out on this exciting feature.

So, without wasting time, we would like to take you through the steps by which you can very easily learn to react to messages on your Instagram account.

Steps for How You Could React to Your Instagram Messages

The first step for you will be to get the Instagram application on your device and get access to your account with the credentials. When you get access to your account, you can get ahead to the following step.

Now, in this step, you should swipe right, or you can tap on the messages icon on the step, after which you can select any conversation you want where you wish to react to a message.

When you are in the chat or the group, you should tap and hold on to the message on which you want to react, and when you do so, you will get to see many emojis on your screen from which you can tap on the one you want.

When you tap on any of the emojis, you will see that it will appear in a little circle under your message, which shows that you have reacted to the specific message.

Problems While Reacting to an Instagram Message

There are some users who have reported that they are not able to react to messages on the Instagram platform, if you are also dealing with the error and are wondering why I can’t react to Instagram messages with emojis, then below are some solutions for you elk bledom

The first thing you can try is to see if you have the latest update of the Instagram application on your device or not, as without the latest update, you might not be able to use the react feature.

Also, if the problem is still not solved, you can try uninstalling and then installing your Instagram application on your device once again, and after getting logged in, you can check if the error has been solved or not.


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