What is the Best Way to Make Wall Panelling Look Modern?

Wall Panelling

When you decide to use this easy interior upgrading tip, there are a variety of wall panelling ideas available for you to choose from. It’s a stylish design that you can incorporate into any space and that works well in any interior setting, from a traditional home to a contemporary apartment.

Wall panelling is a great option for a variety of spaces, including bathrooms and powder rooms, where it acts as a splash- and spill-proof barrier, as well as home offices and bedrooms, where it gives the space a chic hotel vibe. Wall panelling is a useful tool for hiding wiring issues, hiding wall panelling issues, and acting as a simple accent to divide a room and change the way the decor looks.

There are still a lot of possibilities once you’ve decided to enter the fascinating and diverse world of wall panelling from acoustic wall panelling. Your walls will have more life with panelling, and each type has its personality. The list can be condensed to the following eight major categories of decorative wall panelling:-

Frame Artwork with Panelling

Your walls can be quickly and easily transformed into the appearance of panelling by adding wooden moulding to them. Simply mark rectangles with a tape measure at regular intervals around the wall, and then cut pieces of moulding to adhere to the drawn-out shapes. To ensure that the corners of your moulding fit together smoothly cut it at a 45-degree angle. Then, paint it the same colour as your wall. A frame will be created for any canvas or artwork that is hung in the middle of one of the rectangles.

Move Horizontally

If there are space restrictions in the area you are constructing, you can think about arranging the wooden battens horizontally or in the style of a shiplap wall panelling. A horizontal panel can make the room appear large, much like a vertical panel creates the illusion of height.

The Half-Wall Molding

Half-wall mouldings have been used for both ornamental and functional purposes since the Victorian era. To give the room a historic feel, only take into consideration the lower half of the wall panelling. For the appearance of traditional panelling, fasten French trims in concentric squares or rectangles at evenly spaced intervals throughout the length.

Tiles over Panels

Compared to wall tiles, panels are less expensive, more readily available, and easier to install. Comparing changing out tiles with changing a panel, the former is much simpler. Placing panels on the walls that imitate wood planks is a thoughtful yet useful way for homeowners to brighten up a living space while completing a bedrooom and house remodelling project.

Wood and Wallpaper

Wallpapers can be a standout element of your décor and serve as a statement background. To transform your home, though, take it a step further and combine patterned or flowery wall coverings with traditional wall panelling.

Picture-Frame Panels for Walls

The house in question’s architecture must be reflected in the wall panelling. Consider installing low-trimmed wall panels that can also be used as a platform for hanging artwork. Photos are a fantastic way to increase the ante on panelling, much like the wallpaper concept. Think of common spaces like the dining room or living room. A plain panelled wall can be transformed into a multi-layered memory wall by fusing framed family photos with the panelling!

Extend Your Wall Panelling onto the Ceiling

Why should walls get to enjoy themselves exclusively? As an additional option for a seamless look, you might think about extending the wall panelling design to the ceiling. Make sure to use this technique in a room that is generally straightforward or understated. In a tiny room or one with many architectural features, this design might appear crowded very fast. The addition of a shiplap wall to a space followed the same principle. A skilled decorator can use this approach to give the space a warm, log-cabin feel.

Add Open Shelves To The Paneling

To encourage sensible storage in small and constrained places, wall panels can function as shelving units. Consider using the storage provided by a wall panel rather than just the typical floating shelves. The area will remain seamless and flowing if the wall and the shelving panel are painted the same colour, a technique known as a “drenched” wall.

Improve the Room with 2D Paneling

Some of the most creative methods to spruce up space include using 2D and 3D wall panelling. They are most effective when used as a white, textured wall behind a painting or as a setting for a soft sofa.

Final Thoughts

It’s simple for you to want to experiment with some interesting styles when you have so many innovative panelling techniques and design concepts at your disposal. But keep in mind that replacing most panelling is not just pricey but also difficult.

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