How Do You Set Up Modern Bathroom Accessories?

Modern Bathroom Accessories

There are the typical suspects like showerheads, sinks, and faucets when putting up a new bathroom. The most noticeable additions that will be added when the bathroom is constructed are the bathroom fixtures and sanitary items. To make your bathroom appear more tidy and organised, you may take it a step further by using contemporary bathroom accessories.

You’ll enjoy our list of contemporary bathroom accessories like mirrors, towel bars, holders, hooks, Freestanding small bathtub, and many more. If you enjoy planning projects ahead of time, You can find all the things you need to think about when setting up your new bathroom right here.


A well-placed mirror can give the impression that your bathroom is larger. While mounting a mirror in your bathroom, there are a few considerations you should make, including its size, weight, and intended use. Mirrors are frequently positioned above sinks and vanity worktops and are among the most significant bathroom decorations.

You can choose a full-length mirror, a frameless mirror, or a framed mirror depending on your decor and chosen style. Although the former is typically heavier than the latter, both framed and frameless mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Any room can appear larger with the help of a strategically placed mirror since it gives the appearance of extra space. In light of this, you want to think about purchasing a full-length mirror even if your bathroom is small.

Towels Bars

A towel bar should be positioned approximately 45 to 48 inches above the finished floor, according to the majority of interior designers. Because you need them to dry your towels after each use, towel bars are a crucial bathroom item.

Towel bars are typically located close to the shower and across from the sink, as a general rule. To be honest, where you put this accessory depends more on your personal preferences and how the bathroom is laid out. However, hanging your hand towels too close to the sink could result in them being wet every time the water is turned on.

Bath towels are no different. A towel bar should ideally be mounted between 45 and 48 inches off the ground. This will make it simple to get to while providing space for larger bath towels to hang. Before drilling any holes into your tiles, make sure to accurately measure a towel bar because a measurement error could lead to tile damage. For individuals who prefer to do things themselves, there are also readily available adhesive towel bars that may be stuck to tiled walls without needing to be drilled.

Open Shelves and Wall Cabinets

You can choose between open shelves and wall cabinets for your bathroom, depending on the design. Each bathroom should include open shelves in addition to wall cabinets. While open shelves can serve both ornamental and storage purposes, cabinets are only utilized as a place to store things. Not to mention, they can give your bathroom accessories for décor additional depth, giving the impression that it was carefully thought out.

These shelves can be used for things like fragrant candles, potted plants, and fragrance diffusers, among other things. When planning a bathroom structure, one must choose where to place the wall cabinets. The standard installation height for cabinets is between 50 and 55 inches above the completed floor.

You may even go for floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards in one area of your bathroom if you have extra room for bathroom accessories. Similarly, open shelf installations follow a conventional height. Simply make sure that all of the adults in your home can easily access these storage spaces.

Holders and Hooks

Hooks and holders rank as the second-most crucial component of modern bathroom accessories set. Towels, bathrobes, and clothing are all easily supported by the hooks. Although they can be connected to the wall as well, hooks are most frequently installed behind bathroom doors. You can choose a rail with a single hook or one with several hooks. Additionally, excellent choices include a horizontal rod, rack, or ring holder. 

Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser

Installing bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers next to the sink is recommended. The soap dish and dispenser need to be set up precisely next to the sink at the same height as the tap. Install a soap dish away from the shower spray instead, though, when it comes to the shower area. Although you can alter it to your preference, 48 to 55 inches above the floor is the optimal height for placing these bathroom items.

Holder for Toilet Paper

It should come as no surprise that the toilet paper holder would be placed near the toilet bowl. Accessing and conveniently drawing toilet paper is made possible by a toilet paper holder. Compared to the toilet paper roll stumbling about the restroom, this is preferable. Additionally, you can buy a toilet paper holder with a top to keep the paper dry and in place.

Last Words

Your bathroom decor reflects the style of your home’s interior. Real beauty transcends physical appearance. The proper bathroom accessories finish off the look and improve the functionality of your bathroom.

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