What comes to your mind when you read the word, ‘bookshelf’?

, ‘bookshelf’

According to my perspective, a bookshelf is more than just a piece of furniture. It is a portal to
the world of knowledge, a treasure of literature and a gateway to an untapped world of
imagination. Every bookshelf is different as it’s a reflection of one’s personality, intellect, and
interests. Some people like to read about science and major scientific events from history,
while others like to read fiction stories that are merely based on imagination. Such content
allows you to live in an imaginary fiction world that is nothing like the real world.
Bookshelves for children’s rooms will be very different from any random bookshelf as it will have
story books, coloring books, and syllabus books on it. Most books on wall shelves in children’s
rooms will be from fiction genre as children love imagination. Whereas on any teenager’s
bookshelf you might find novels, scientific documentaries, love stories or books of science
fiction genre.
People who love to read keep their bookshelf extremely close to their heart and soul. This rack
full of knowledge is where the heart finds peace for those people who cannot go to bed without
grabbing a book out of this shelf and giving it a thorough read. Although its basic purpose is to
store an ample amount of knowledge but is also a depiction of sophistication. There is a unique
world on any bookshelf and it’s a conjunction of intelligence and elegance. Frequent book
readers and bookshelf maintainers have a consistent urge to upgrade and adding more books
to their book collection.
In today’s modern world where digital reading is becoming a norm, millions of books are
available on online portals in digital form awaiting readers, frequent readers who are addicted
to flipping pages, highlighting important sentences with their highlighters, and organizing a
collection of books on their bookshelves, still prefer printed books over digital copies. Such
people still visit bookstores to purchase new books and expand their library.
Our book case “So Sixty” is a design made to perfection, measuring 100 X190 cm. This design is
not an ordinary design but is a unique creation inspired by the designs of 1960. Our push to
open, lockable drawers and cupboards can be wall mounted and are manufactured using high
quality, laminated and resistant to damage birch plywood. This piece of furniture is completely
functional and additionally charms the interior with its classic design crafted to perfection.
Our bookcase ‘TOTEME BOTANIC’ is an excellent choice for children’s room as it comes with a
spacious, push to open, bottom drawer and compartment that helps in room organization. This
bookcase is multifunctional in nature as it provides space for arranging books as well as toys.
This classy yet simple bookshelf is made up of MDF board covered with white film for matte
finish. Good quality natural oak wood is used to manufacture this symbolic and elegant piece of
Fancy space has a wide range of bookshelves to meet your individual needs and taste. If you are
looking to buy a shelf in Germany or buy desks and cabinets in Germany, you should definitely
visit fancy space to view their amazing yet cost efficient book case collection and purchase the
most suitable one for your home

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