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Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of a political power couple? You may think George Conway and Kellyanne Conway have a storybook romance and share the same political views, but take a peek at George’s Twitter feed and you’ll see that’s far from the truth. George uses his Twitter account to criticize and condemn nearly every move of Kellyanne’s boss, President Trump. While Kellyanne is busy promoting and defending the Trump administration on television as counselor to the president, George is tweeting up a storm of insults and calling out lies from the commander-in-chief. Their situation seems like something straight out of a reality TV show. But this political drama plays out on the national stage, with George and Kellyanne on opposing sides. Grab the popcorn and get ready for a show, because George Conway’s tweets provide an all-access pass into the inner workings of this bizarre Washington power couple.

An Introduction to George Conway’s Prominent Twitter Presence

George Conway is a prominent lawyer and husband to Kellyanne Conway, but in recent years he has become better known for his outspoken Twitter presence. Conway regularly tweets his criticism of former President Donald Trump, who his wife served under as Counselor to the President.

An Unlikely Trump Critic

As a lifelong Republican, Conway’s public rebukes of Trump came as a surprise to many. However, Conway has said that “Trump’s instability and unfitness” led him to speak out, even at the cost of tensions within his own marriage.

Conway frequently points out false or misleading statements from Trump, lambasting him as “the worst president this country has ever had.” His tweets have earned him over 700,000 followers, as well as the ire of Trump supporters who see his comments as betrayals. For his part, Trump has referred to Conway as “Mr. Kellyanne Conway” and a “stone cold LOSER.”

Impact and Reach

Conway’s tweets have brought wider attention to some of Trump’s more outrageous claims and statements. His legal background lends credibility to his critiques, which are often backed by evidence and arguments based on constitutional law. Conway has appeared on cable news to defend his position that the former president poses a threat to democracy.

Love him or hate him, Conway’s polarizing Twitter presence has made him an influential voice. While his relationship with Trump may be permanently damaged, Conway continues to speak his mind without regret. For as long as Trump remains a figure in politics, it seems likely Conway will keep calling out mistruths and “alternative facts” – 140 characters at a time.

George Conway’s Thoughts on the Trump Administration Shared on Twitter

George Conway, husband of former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, has become an outspoken critic of the Trump administration on Twitter. While his wife worked for and defended the president, George used his Twitter platform to call out lies, criticize policies, and argue that Trump is unfit for office.

Trump’s Falsehoods

George frequently points out instances where Trump spreads misinformation or outright lies. He retweets fact-checks of Trump’s claims and adds his own comments like: “Your president is a pathological liar. Do something about it.”

He also slams Trump policies he sees as misguided or unjust, like the travel ban, border wall, and tax cuts. In one tweet, he wrote: “The only wall we need is between @realDonaldTrump and the Oval Office.”

Questioning Fitness and Competence

Beyond individual issues, George fundamentally questions whether Trump has the temperament, judgment and mental capacity to be president. He has tweeted that Trump exhibits signs of “malignant narcissism” and that his presidency is a “s***show”.

After Trump’s tirade against “the Squad” of congresswomen, George wrote: “You don’t have to agree with the views of Reps. Omar, AOC & Co. to be disgusted with Trump’s racist tirade against them. But if you’re not disgusted, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re a racist too.”

While George’s tweets have brought criticism, he continues using his platform to push for accountability and spread messages of unity, ethics in politics, and democratic values. For him, the risks of staying silent seem greater than any backlash. After all, in his view, the wellbeing of the nation hangs in the balance.

Conway’s Viral Tweet Threads Critical of Trump

George Conway is known for frequently tweeting his criticism of former President Donald Trump. His viral tweet threads offer scathing commentary on Trump’s policies, rhetoric, and behavior.

The Birther Conspiracy

In 2017, Conway tweeted a link to a 2011 interview where Trump pushed the racist “birther” conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the US. Conway called it “absurd” and “idiotic.” He questioned how anyone could support someone who spread such a “false and racist” lie.

The Mueller Report

When the Mueller report was released in 2019, Conway tweeted that Trump was “guilty” of obstruction of justice. He said the report laid out “damning” evidence of Trump’s attempts to “stymie and obstruct” the investigation. Conway called on Congress to impeach Trump for his “corrupt” and “criminal” actions.

The Ukraine Scandal

During Trump’s first impeachment, Conway sided with the Democrats. He tweeted that Trump “richly deserves” to be impeached for “abusing his power” in his dealings with Ukraine. Conway called Trump’s actions “stupid” and “wrong” and said Republicans defending him were “utterly contemptible.”

The Capitol Riot

After the deadly Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, Conway blamed Trump for inciting the violence with his false claims of election fraud. Conway tweeted that Trump “disgraced the presidency” and called on him to resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment. He said Trump “started and inflamed” the riot by convincing his supporters the election was “stolen.”

Conway’s blistering critiques of Trump have often gone viral, gaining tens of thousands of likes and retweets. His tweet threads demonstrate how he strongly disagrees with and opposes his wife’s former boss. Through social media, Conway has established himself as one of Trump’s most outspoken conservative critics.

Reactions and Responses to George Conway’s Political Commentary

George Conway is no stranger to voicing his political opinions on Twitter and in op-eds. His frequent public critiques of former President Trump and the Republican party have led to a range of reactions.


Many who oppose Trump and the modern Republican party’s policies and rhetoric applaud Conway for speaking out against them. His insider’s perspective as a conservative lawyer and husband of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway gives his commentary credibility and weight. Supporters see Conway as a voice of reason calling for integrity and principle over partisan loyalty.


On the other hand, Conway faces backlash from those who see his outspokenness as self-serving, disloyal or an attempt to gain fame by publicly feuding with his wife’s former boss. Critics argue that airing political disagreements with one’s spouse on Twitter is inappropriate and tacky. Conway’s detractors claim his views do not represent true conservatism and that he should not critize Trump when his own wife played such a key role in the administration.


Whether you agree or disagree with George Conway’s political stances, his high-profile criticism of Trump and promotion of “traditional” conservative values has sparked discussion. His Twitter feed and op-eds provide a view into the political divisions within the Republican party and the complex dynamics of Kellyanne Conway’s time in the White House. Conway’s commentary highlights some of the moral dilemmas facing Republicans in the post-Trump era as the party grapples with its direction going forward.

Love him or hate him, George Conway has become an unlikely voice in the national political debate, using social media and op-eds as his megaphone. His future impact on the Republican party and the Conway family remains to be seen. For now, you can be sure he will keep the tweets coming.

The Impact of Conway’s Anti-Trump Messaging on Twitter

George Conway’s frequent anti-Trump tweets have brought him a huge amount of attention and backlash. His outspoken criticism of the former president’s policies, rhetoric and behavior seems to have seriously impacted his marriage and career. However, his messaging has also resonated with many Americans and brought legitimacy to the anti-Trump movement.

Conway’s constant condemnation of Trump’s actions has garnered him over 700,000 Twitter followers. His tweets slamming Trump’s “incompetence,” “recklessness,” and “instability” often go viral, spreading his perspective to millions. This massive platform has allowed Conway to become one of Trump’s loudest and most prominent critics.

  • However, Conway’s tweeting has also caused turmoil in his personal life and career. His wife Kellyanne Conway was Trump’s campaign manager and senior counselor, leading to speculation about tensions in their marriage. George’s employers at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, a prominent law firm, also asked him to stop tweeting, concerned it could reflect poorly on them. Conway refused and took an indefinite leave of absence.

On the other hand, Conway’s constant criticism of Trump has given validity and visibility to the anti-Trump movement. His legal credentials and GOP credentials as a Federalist Society member made his perspective particularly meaningful for conservatives and moderates opposing Trump. Conway’s raw, relentless style in calling out Trump’s missteps emboldened others to speak up and pushed the media to hold Trump accountable.

While George Conway’s anti-Trump messaging on Twitter may have caused difficulties in his own life, it has had an undeniable impact on the broader political landscape. His vocal opposition has inspired others, shaped public opinion, and made it more socially acceptable to criticize a sitting president. Like it or not, Conway’s tweets have changed the course of history.


You’ve gone down quite the rabbit hole here, following George Conway’s chaotic and controversial tweets. Whether you agree or disagree with his political stances and criticisms, his twitter feed is nothing if not entertaining. But at the end of the day, try not to get too caught up in the drama and outrage. Log off, go outside, call a friend, read a book – whatever helps you decompress and gain some perspective. While it can be amusing in small doses, consuming too much of this type of social media frenzy is rarely good for your mental health or relationships. Take a step back and a few deep breaths. The political storms will surely still be raging tomorrow, but your time and energy are better spent on the non-virtual aspects of your life.

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