Tips To Start a New Business Like Uber and Gojek

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Starting a new business like Uber or Gojek in today’s tech-savvy world is a daunting task. There are hundreds, if not thousands of competitors who have already launched similar businesses or are doing so soon. You must beat them all if you plan to start a new business and want it to climb the success ladder easily and quickly. Read the blog to know various ways you can achieve that, including buying an on-demand multi-service app.

Let’s get started!

How to Start a Business like Gojek and Uber in 2023

Dear entrepreneur, you will not believe that you can start a new business similar to Gojek and Uber without spending all your money or time.

Follow the tips!

Buy a ready-made app

Buying a pre-built solution will enable you to develop and launch the application in less than two weeks. That’s how simple it will become to launch a new business!

The pre-built solution will integrate all the modern services and features you need to run a smooth business. 

When developing the application, you would only need to white-label the solution! Here, you need not build it from scratch.

The experts will rebrand the base app with your brand’s name and logo, integrate the gateways that you want, change the color theme, and more.

Add multiple services

There is no way you can build a successful on-demand multi-service app without incorporating trending services.

If you are building an app like Gojek, you need to launch an app studded with multiple services. Well, good for you that the pre-built solution comes jammed with 101+ services.

Each of these services is designed and developed to bring the convenience of taxi booking, food ordering, video consulting, etc.

You can also integrate the following services into your app –

  • Buy, sell, and rent properties
  • Buy, sell, and rent cars
  • Buy, sell, and rent general items
  • Carpooling
  • On-demand medical services
  • Track family members and employees
  • Explore nearby businesses

Add multiple features

You need a platform that has multiple ultra-modern features. Here is a list of features your users will love.

  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint
  • OTP verification
  • Voice note instructions
  • In-app calling and messaging
  • Add destination later
  • Live location tracking on a map
  • Video call option

Well, these are only a few features that come pre-integrated into your application! Therefore, if you need to get an overview of all the different features and services available, check out the demo app!

Test the Demo of an On-demand Multi-service App

Why test the demo app? Well, it is one of the most important parts of developing and launching your own business.

As the business owner, you need to be 100% sure that the Gojek-like solution you’re opting for suits your business needs.

Moreover, when trying your demo app, you will be able to note what you want to add to the app or remove.

For instance, when testing the app, if you realize that your want to keep online payment via wallet and cash only, you can ask the developer to make the change.

On the other hand, if you want to think that the color theme doesn’t match your branding, you can get it changed as well.

In Conclusion:

If you wish to launch your own on-demand multi-service app, you can get it done in just one to two weeks.

Yes! That is all the time you need to kick start your new business like Uber or Gojek. Find a well-known white-labeling firm that can quickly develop your app.

Get the app and in no time, you will be able to launch your own business without any hassle!

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