10 Persuasive Steps to Write Product Descriptions to Boost Conversion

product description writing

Do you know what product descriptions do to your e-commerce business? Firstly, they educate the visitors and provide them with necessary information about the product, and secondly, they persuade the visitors to buy. However, not all product descriptions have the zeal to convert but are rather outlandish. If you want to know how to make product description writing eligible for conversions, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Who are the customers

The first step is identifying the customers. Often, the writers address the descriptions in a way that seems to miss the flesh. Are you addressing the content to the audience only? Ideally, your writing must make the audience, business, and the marketing team stay on the same page.

  • Product information

By writing the descriptions, you are educating the customers. So, your copy might just look terrible if it contains half-hearted information about the product. From the date of manufacturing to expiry and the other checklists, you should have an entire list ready before penning the copy.

  • Shorten the sentences and words

People reading the information may only want to get a glimpse of it and are averse to reading big paragraphs. The first few lines of the write-up must include the information you want the audience to read. So, try to shorten the length of the paragraph and the sentences. Besides, skip redundant and complex words in the product description. If you are trying to make the posts sound professional inside out, the creative content writing services can do a much better job and address the target audience.

  • Address the emotion and the practical benefits

When persuading the visitors to buy, you are not only providing them the practical benefits but targeting their emotions. For instance, you need to find what emotional aspects does the product or service resolve? You need to work on direct pointers instead of indirect hits. The more you address the concerns, the better it is for you to unravel the emotional quotient.

  • Focus on the advantages

No matter what tactics you need to apply, the final goal is to compel the reader to buy the product. So, you must write about the benefits to motivate the prospects and make the final decision. Try to point out the benefits of the features and show them what it brings to the table. Point out how it resolves the customers’ problems. Furthermore, the description should reflect the tome of the brand.

  • Detailed analysis

The professional writers need to carry out a competitive analysis to write the detailed features of the things they offer. You need to review the content and edit the errors.

  • SEO-friendly

How about making the descriptions SEO-friendly?  Do not get lost in layers of keyword density, Meta tags, and a host of other aspects. Most writers tend to feel confused. Don’t underestimate the optimization techniques as they may boost the searches resulting in higher traffic and revenue.

  • Talk in a friendly tone

You need to talk to customers in a friendly tone when writing the descriptions as it will help in engaging them. Try to avoid the old-school writing methods and get the best response.

  • Pay attention to the smaller details

When talking about your brand, don’t just make the customers feel claustrophobic with the features and the benefits. Try to distract a little and talk about those aspects that are smaller but effective. For instance, when writing about face cream, address the aging aspects and see how customers flock to read those details. You are likely to attract more people to your target audience when you mention the smaller details.

  • Include a sense of humor

Do you think that writing about a face cream will not give you the scope of incorporating humor? You are wrong. You can go quirky with any item and attract the audience. The funny descriptions are more likely to attract customers than the rest. All you need is to make the product description writing impervious.

If you want professionals to write compelling product descriptions, hire writers from some of the best website content writing services offering companies to make a mark. Content Freelancing is one of those few companies to help you create a unique tone for your brand. Good Luck 😊

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