Tips to Print the Best Yard Signs for Your Business


Are you wondering how to make an attractive and effective yard sign? This blog has got you covered. After exploring the tips and tricks listed here, you can ensure you are printing the perfect signs.

Here are the steps you have to follow to print effective yard signs.

1. Plan First

The first tip to print custom yard signs is to take time and plan out the content. If you spend just 15 minutes on this step, you will be able to save a lot of time when you are creating it. Also, it will help in preventing expensive yard sign printing mistakes, such as realizing that you have forgotten to add the event date or email address.

Take a look at the most important things you have to consider while printing yard signs.

· Decide on the goal of your yard sign and decide what you want to get out of it.

· A few yard signs might just need an address or phone number, while others might need a website URL or full physical address.

· Consider the brand assets and images you have to include.

· Have a list of the all the ‘nice to have’ items you might want to include if there is extra space.

2. Choose Your Headline Carefully

Depending on the list you have created, go ahead and write down the headline for the signs you will be printing. This trick is important for all types of signs, including magnetic signs. Keep in mind that the headline is the largest piece of text and might be the only things that passers-by spots.

Thus, it is important that you think carefully. Consider the most important piece of information you would like to share. Make sure that you stick to one clear headline so that it doesn’t overwhelm or confuse the viewers.

3. Sketch Out the Remaining Design

When you are done choosing the headline, start sketching. It might be useful to do these on a piece of paper.

Begin by writing down the headline in a large text. Thereafter, you have fill up the rest of the yard sign using the list you have created in the first step. For example, you might add a short sub-headline, your logo, and some key contact details.

Remember, the best tip here is to keep things simple. Your yard signs or magnetic signs printing will probably be read by people who are distracted by driving, walking, or bicycling. The easier and simpler to scan, the better.

4. Use Both Sides of the Sign

When you sketch the yard sign design, do not forget to take the front and backs as two separate designs. A common mistake people make is that they use the same design on both sides. This might work at times but often, it doesn’t.

You will also have to consider if you need the second side at all. In case the yard sign just faces one direction, you can save energy, money, and time by not printing on two sides.

5. Decide Professional vs. DIY

Based on the purpose of the yard, you might be best served simply by purchasing some signs from a local market and writing on them using a marker. It is oaky for things, such as personal projects or garage sales.

But for business communication, it is better to get something professional matching with your brand. Yard signs are cost-effects and can help in making a positive impression.

You can go to a nearby printing shop to get the best yard sign for your business.

6. Check the Readability

So, you have sketched out your yard sign and all set to commit, either by creating one all by yourself or placing an order at a professional printing service. However, before doing that, you need to make sure your have thoroughly checked the readability. Check the sign with an objective and critical eye, asking yourself-

· It is possible to make the text shorter? Cutting down on the words is always better where you can.

· Is the font size large and clear enough? In a majority of the cases, it is better to go for readability of the font over something that looks too ornamental. A rule of the thumb is to make the yard sign text at least a size bigger than you think it has to be.

· Is the color contrasting enough? Stick to contrasting colors, such as dark background or bright white text. Keep in mind that people of all eyesight and ages should be able to read the sign you are printing.

We hope that you put these useful yard sign tips to work to create the best one.

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