Venue Hunting? Here is Unique Dream Birthday Party Venues for your Little Boy or Girl

Birthday Party

Your little boy is turning 5 this month and want to throw the most memorable birthday party, but you’re stuck on finding a venue. Want to ditch all those same old party spots, then luckily you have landed on the right page. We bring a list of unique dream birthday party venues that will add a touch of magic to your little one’s special day. Your birthday boy or girl deserves an extra special celebration, so keep reading to find a venue for an epic adventure and dose of happiness. The best part? These venues do all the work for you so you can simply relax and enjoy precious moments.

Host a Pool Party at a Hotel Swimming Pool

If your kid loves swimming then pool party is the right tick from venue list. For a splashy birthday party, rent a hotel swimming pool. Many hotels offer pool rentals for private parties outside of normal operating hours. This lets your little fish and their friends have the best day of year. Your kiddo’s face will have a broad smile when they see the waterslide, diving board, and other pool activities. Send digital invitations to guests with date, time and dress code (in this case a swim suit) information. From decoration to food and from cake to goodie bags, all things from A to Z is on the shoulders of hotel staff. You just go there and let have a splash of fun.

Rent a Party Bus for a Mobile Birthday Bash

You want your child’s birthday to be an unforgettable adventure? Rent a party bus. Party busses are painted and designed with pop colours, stickers and painted for special celebration. After you get board on, you and your guests can enjoy music, dance, sing and play games as you move around the whole town. Stop at a playground or park for outdoor fun, then hop back on the bus. Have a stop at your child’s favorite restaurant for a meal or treat. Ask guests for ideas of places they’d like to go. The birthday kid will love being able to go wherever they want on their special day with all their friends along for the ride.

Celebrate a Birthday Party at an Indoor Playground

For a birthday bash that your kid and his friends remember even after months of party, take the birthday party to new heights at an indoor playground. Kids of all ages will love climbing, jumping and zooming down giant slides. Indoor playgrounds are ideal for any season, whether it’s a raining season or hot humid month, you can still arrange and throw a birthday party. These venues offer private party rooms for cake cutting, pictures session and having food. No need to worry about setup or cleanup, they handle it all. You just have to show up on venue in time with birthday boy.

Book a Private Movie Screening for a Unique Party

If your kid loves any movie or cartoon series, the best idea is to rent out an entire theater for a private screening of your child’s favorite film. Like mostly kids love Disney movies. Frozen, Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Disney Princess Series are usually loved most by kids. You just give tell them a movie name and they’ll setup the huge screen, booming sound system and of course, popcorn for all your guests. This is a party experience your little movie lover will never forget. Your child’s eyes will light up as their favorite characters come to life on the big screen.

Hold a Birthday Party at a Bowling Alley

Consider an arcade or bowling alley party if you want a high-energetic birthday party.  At a bowling alley party, kids can bowl for hours while enjoying arcade games, food and cake. They’ll set up a special area for your group with tables for food and cake cutting. Your child will love picking out a fun bowling ball and celebrate with strikes. Bowling parties are safe and ideal for kids above age 4.

Have an Artistic Bash at Art Studio

Considering to host the birthday party at an art studio is the best thing to unleash the inner artist of your child. Kids can explore their creative side with guided art sessions, pottery painting, or even a mini art exhibition. Also, they get to take home their artistic masterpieces as party favors.

Kick starts the planning by selecting an art studio that facilitate this kind of birthday arrangement sessions. Discuss with the studio the art type that your kid is interested in. These packages include all type of supplies, food, Art teacher and party favours. The decision of choosing art studio as venue can create a birthday celebration that bring out their artistic talent in a fun way.

Arrange a Trip to Zoo

Every child wants to enjoy the company of friendly and cute little animals or birds. Gather your kid’s friends and family at a zoo to provide the perfect celebration for your young animal enthusiast. Pack a picnic lunch for the party. Many zoos have picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal while surrounded by nature and animals.

Also, how can we forget about cake customization. Order a customized cake of your child’s favorite zoo animal. Lions, giraffes, or zebras make a perfect zoo theme. Not only will you and your child have fun visiting a zoo, but you will also create long-lasting memories. Cake cutting with your child’s favourite animal sounds amazing.

Hosting a Birthday Party at Fast Food Restaurants

You just cannot match the ease of a fast-food restaurant for a birthday party celebration. Most large fast-food companies like Mcdonals, KFC or Burger King provide kid’s birthday party packages that include everything from providing play area, kid’s meals to game activities. Happy meal from Mcdonald’s and toy from happy meal is all-time favourite among kids. Burger Kings’ kids’ meal is also a hit for yummy treat on birthday. You just have to call, reserve a booking, confirm them a guest count, and then simply show up on venue with the birthday boy or girl and their buddies.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to your child’s birthday, thinking outside the box for venue can make birthday party from ordinary to extra-ordinary. These unique dream birthday party venues offer a fresh change and promise to make your little boy or girl’s day memorable. Whether it’s climbing and jumping at indoor playground, trip to zoo, or having a pool party, choose the venue that best suits your child’s interests. In the sea of options, your venue hunting will stop with an option of Super Park indoor playground. Because they promise you to make sure your child’s special day is filled with beautiful memories without any headache.

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