Step-By-Step Guide To Help You On Your Book Writing Journey

Consider you want to cook a meal.

You would not start directly with cooking. You would buy the appropriate ingredients first, then wash them, chop them, and smoothly pave your way one step at a time until you actually start cooking the meal. The same goes for writing a book. Even if you are an experienced and professional writer, you must follow some steps before you start writing a book.

To become able to tailor a picture directly from your mind into a beautifully written, teeth-clenching story that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats, you need to follow some book-writing steps. We understand that embarking on a book-writing journey can be quite daunting. If you have experience but want to polish your writing skills or have no idea how to craft a perfect book, then you have found the perfect blog. Grab a cup of coffee and read along because below, we have discussed 10 important steps to write a book in detail.

10 Steps To Help You During Your Book Writing Trip

Set a Comfy Space:

Every good thing demands undivided attention. The same is the case with writing a book. So, the first thing to do when you plan to start working on your novel is to find a comfy room free of any disturbance or distractions.

Of course, we do not suggest that you lock yourself in a soundproof, joyless room with no hint of life. It could be a coffee shop, home office, or bed. But it is necessary to find yourself a place that is calm in order to help you focus on your task at hand.

Focus on The Main Idea:

Once you get into a comfortable state of mind, you must pay attention to the main point of your novel. Maybe you already have a plot somewhere in your mind, or maybe you don’t. Start off by determining the target audience, planning the characters, deciding the genre, and the message you want to convey with your piece of art.

Prepare An Outline:

If you come to think about it, preparing an outline is the most important thing to do. It will help you by providing your story with a direction and room for potential options to choose from on how you should navigate the readers to the next part.  

It can also help you differentiate between the chapters and let you map out what will happen in each section. Be it a rough sketch or a detailed visual map, do not ignore this step or else you will end up being betwixt and between before you even reach the interval.

Carry out Proper Research:

Any piece of writing holds little to no meaning if it is not researched properly. Therefore, don’t shy away from taking your time to conduct proper research. It is an important factor for fiction writers as well as non-fiction novelists.

If you are a fantasy storyteller, you must study different character archetypes to incorporate them into your stories, and if you are a non-fiction writer, you must be well aware of the facts and figures as well as the important events and dates to reference them properly in your artworks. Hence, no matter what you write, make research your best friend.

Start Writing:

Breaking the ice by determining the main idea of your book, outlining it to the end, and carrying out proper research by absorbing every piece of relevant information you find in the libraries is not enough. Shocking right? Your main nemesis is none other than procrastination and writer’s block. Yup. That’s right.

Many writers are unable to put their pen on paper (or fingers to the keyboard). You must not rush yourself to write to mark yourself safe from doing so. Take a break, watch a movie but keep in mind that no one is going to write your book for you. Pay attention to smaller tasks i.e. select your characters’ names or choose your protagonist. By doing so, you will be able to stay motivated or even excited to start writing. And if you cannot write it on your own, you can always hire any book writing service to do your work for you.

Stick To a Routine:

Even though you are not Jane Austen or J.K Rowling, you should also treat writing your book as full-time work to enjoy the fruit of your labor. To do so, we suggest you plan your day ahead and stick to the routine no matter what. Consistency is always the key. Ensure you remain consistent with your work, and we assure you the result will be worth it.

Complete First Draft:

When writing the first draft, it is extremely normal to fall into writer’s block, self-doubt, or even suffer from an absence of enthusiasm. Whenever you find yourself deep in a dark pit, remind yourself that it took a lot of well-known authors several years to complete their masterpieces. For instance, do you know that it took JRR Tolkien about 12 years to complete the famous The Lord of the Rings? And an additional 5 years to get published. Yes, you read it right.

Be confident in your skin and write only to enjoy the process of telling a beautiful story. Do not let this amazing experience take a toll on your mental or physical health. 

Proofread and Revise:

Every great book goes through many rounds of editing. Each time it becomes more refined and better than before. It is necessary to watch your work like a hawk, to fill any gaps left in the plot, or errors of such sort. Writing a book is undoubtedly difficult; if you feel overwhelmed, you can always ask a friend to proofread your work for you. Or you can hire editing services as well.

Complete The Final Draft:

Completing the final draft is comparatively easier than writing the first draft. Look for any changes in the tone, set a proper theme, and strengthen all the weak parts that your novel might contain to achieve perfection in your work. Correct the loopholes, if any, and make it the best version.

Publish Your Book:

After completing your book, the last step is to publish it. You can always contact book publishing services in UAE for this task, or if you prefer, you can do it on your own. Once your book gets published, you can unwind and laze around. Or you can start working on another masterpiece.

Final Words

You must not wait for the inspiration to hit you or any certain event to occur for you to start writing. If you keep waiting for things to happen, chances are that you will never be able to start. Get out of your comfort zone and be ready to face the challenges with open arms because writing a book is without a doubt, quite intimidating. Free your mind from negative thoughts like what will happen if your work doesn’t get published. It is better to take the chances because there is nothing to lose, while so much to gain.

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