Step-by-step Guide to Getting a Private Number Plate in the UK

private number plate


In the UK, private number plates are becoming more and more common as a means to customise vehicles, make a statement, or just add a little bit of uniqueness. Hex number plates have emerged as a standout among the plethora of possibilities, capturing the attention of drivers throughout the country with their distinctive hexagonal pattern. We will lead you through the procedure of getting a private number plate in the UK in this comprehensive tutorial.

Hex number plates: What Are They?

Hexagonal designs distinguish hex number plates, a particular kind of 4D private plates. They are a popular option for anyone wishing to give their vehicles a fashionable and distinctive design because of their reputation for having a sleek and contemporary appearance. These plates differ from conventional rectangular plates by combining numbers and letters in a hexagonal shape to provide an eye-catching pattern.

Recognise the Laws and Regulations

It’s important to educate yourself with the laws and guidelines established by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) before diving into the realm of private number plates. To ensure validity and avoid any misuse of registration plates, the DVLA strictly controls the procedure. You can acquire important details about the authorised formats, characters, and restrictions related to private number plates by consulting the official DVLA website.

Investigating and Getting Ready

It is essential to do extensive research before beginning the procedure to make sure you are aware of the laws and guidelines governing private number plates in the UK. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) regulations should be familiarised because they will serve as the main source of guidance during the process. For this information, the DVLA website ( is a great resource.

Check the Price and Availability

It’s time to examine the availability of your selected private number plate once you have a firm grasp of the rules. Many internet resources provide search tools to aid in finding the ideal mix. You can use the search feature on the official DVLA website to see if the combination you want is available.

Buying the Private License Plate

You can purchase through a variety of plate sellers and brokers or straight from the DVLA. To ensure authenticity and prevent scams, make sure to select a reliable and trustworthy source. Private license plates can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousand, depending on how well-liked and exclusive the combination is.

Certificate of Retention or Transfer Process

After purchasing the private license plate, you must choose whether to keep it or immediately transfer it to a car. If you choose to keep it, the DVLA will issue you a Retention Certificate. As a result, you can retain the license plate for up to 10 years without tying it to a car. Detailed instructions on how to obtain the Retention Certificate are available on the DVLA website. 

Choosing a License Plate

If you decide to issue a private number plate to a vehicle, you must do it following the DVLA’s guidelines. To complete this process, you must provide the required paperwork, including your MOT certificate, V5C log book, and proof of current insurance. Clear instructions on how to complete this paperwork correctly are available on the DVLA website.

Inspection and Approval of Vehicles

This step is essential since it makes sure the number plate won’t make it harder to identify the car or jeopardise traffic safety. If an inspection is necessary, the DVLA will give further instructions.

Making the Necessary Payments

There are certain costs involved with getting a private number plate in the UK along the way. These expenses could include the price of the plate, whether it is purchased, retained, or transferred, assignment fees, and vehicle inspection fees. It’s critical to be informed of the costs in advance to prevent any surprises.

Putting the Private Number Plate on Display

You can proudly display your personalised number plate on your car once all the paperwork is completed and the payments are paid. Make sure you adhere to the DVLA standards for font size, space, and acceptable fixing techniques.

Inform Insurance and Additional Authorities

Don’t forget to let your insurance provider know about the registration change. You should also update your private number plate information with any pertinent agencies, such as the MOT testing facility.


In the UK, getting a private license plate may be a fun and inventive process. If you want to use your customised plate lawfully and without a problem, keep in mind to do your homework, buy from reliable vendors, and follow DVLA regulations. Why then wait? Begin your quest for a distinctive license plate right now.

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