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Installing a roof is an extremely important and crucial stage in building a house, I would even say vital. Your comfort in this house depends on the correct installation of the roofing system, as well as the risk of throwing up to 50% of the cost of the roof for repairs to the wind (in 2017 prices, $4,500–$11,300). Any experienced roofer will tell you that finding and fixing a leak is extremely difficult, as well as finding craftsmen for such work. Therefore, we at Shingle roofing install only highly specialized specialists. Empire Construction NY invite you to use our services and appreciate their high quality, at quite affordable prices. We have extensive experience in the New York market since 2005 and since then we have roofed many private cottages and municipal and commercial facilities.

The peculiarity of the roof during construction, unlike other elements of the house, is that installation requires remarkable ingenuity from the performer and “geometric thinking” even on small gable roofs. How to set up and join the rafter legs, how different slopes will adjoin each other, how it will all be hemmed from below, and how the drainage system will be mounted – this is a small list of questions that need to be “imagined” in your head, even before installation, even if you have a construction project and drawings for the roofing system. That is why (because of fantasy) New York carpenters do better, even though brothers from neighboring countries work more diligently and more.

We offer the following roofing services:

  • The device of a soft roof, a flexible tile
  • Installation of metal tiles and profiled sheets
  • Seam roof device
  • Installation of composite tiles
  • Installation of roof systems and trusses
  • Hemming of overhangs and gables
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Roof installation with insulation

Installation of a Shingle roof. Unlike other types of coatings, Shingle roofing is a relatively new type of roof in New York, which cannot be said about the States and Europe, where this material has been used for more than 20 years. However, the popularity of these systems is growing along with the number of performers. But you need to understand that the experience of installers and the level of quality of work do not always correspond to what the Roofing Contractors NYC claims. In contrast to the work of a classic roofing pie, for soft tiles, OSB 9 – 12 mm is laid on the crate, a lining carpet is laid on it and a flexible tile is on top. Ingenuity and experience are needed in the design of joints, cutting valleys, and ends due to the shape of soft shingle shingles. We offer professional services for the installation of Shingle roofs, we work under a contract and provide an official guarantee of up to 10 years.

Installation of metal tiles. The good old metal tile deserves respect and is worthy of praise for its practicality, speed of installation, and relative cheapness. However, the trend of the last few years is sad, factories adapt to the capabilities of the consumer, roll thin iron, and save on quality in every possible way. Even 5 years ago, metal tiles with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm. were considered beyond reasonable, today 0.45 is the norm, and they ask for even less – which means that such foil will last 5-8 years. We recommend taking a good metal tile from a NYC plant and using the services of qualified Roof Repair Contractors NYC.

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