Participate in challenges to get more Instagram followers.

To promote networking with other accounts and draw attention to yourself, you should participate in Instagram challenges. With these, users post specific videos and images, for example, on a particular topic, using the same hashtag and encouraging other users to do the same. This creates a significant movement; you can get in touch with other users and be found by people looking for this challenge.

Don’t forget the caption

If you think that Instagram is all about the pictures, then unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. The texts under the views are as important as the pictures, even if they are only noticed after the shot. The captions are very popular with the users, and they often react to them in the form of comments. It’s worth doing some work and creating a creative or exciting text. The more comments and likes your post has, the better it will be played.

Use your location

For each picture, Instagram offers you the option of announcing your site with a geotag. You should use this, just like a local hashtag. This is how you reach the people looking for content for a specific place. This is often the case when looking for insider tips in a particular city or wanting inspiration for their next vacation. So always feel free to share your information with local hashtags to get new subscribers.

Post content regularly

Even if it’s tough initially, You’ll only be successful if you stay on the ball constantly. Similar to sports, Visible results only come when you persevere and keep going for a while. You won’t get as many new Instagram followers as you would like daily. This can be very frustrating. Nevertheless, you should post something new regularly. If you only publish a new post every few weeks, you will lose the interest of your subscribers, and you will be rated poorly by the Instagram algorithm, and your pictures will be displayed less frequently.

Socializing through Direct Messages

With the Direct Messages feature, you can send private messages to a specific user so others cannot read them. Here, you can, for example, write to other accounts that serve the same target group as you and ask them about cooperation. However, clearly state what you can do for the respective account. If this needs clarification, many do not read the message to the end, and the opportunity is wasted.

Use other social networks

Instagram is about pictures. So, use other platforms that suit you or your company and point users to your other accounts on every social network.

Use Live Video

Just like Facebook, Instagram also offers a live video function. With this, you can let your users participate in real-time events from your everyday life. Or at events you organize as a company and thus make more publicity for the event.

Cooperate with other users

Cooperating with other users is an excellent way to get more Instagram followers for free by showing yourself on another user’s profile. For example, you can take a photo together and tag each other on it. Or you can post pictures on the same topic at the same time and order each other again.

Shoutouts are also an excellent way to increase your Instagram follower count for free. However, in 2023, these are less effective than they were. With a shoutout, you introduce each other to another account on your account. How many new followers you get through a shoutout depends on the number of followers on a different budget and how active the users are. On average, around three to six percent of users follow the call and subscribe to your account. For cooperation, it is best to choose a charge that is very similar to your own in terms of content.

Post content when your users are online

Not only is it important to post content regularly, but also to do it at the right time. If you have a business profile, Instagram offers statistics to see when your followers are more online. You should use this information and adjust the timing of your postings accordingly. This way, you can reach more people because the posts take time to get lost in the timeline.

Run sweepstakes

Everyone likes sweepstakes or when they get something for free. You can also use this to your advantage to get more Instagram followers. For example, an entrepreneur can raffle your product or service. Or you can cooperate with other profiles to raffle something together. The entry requirement for the sweepstakes should be that all shapes must be followed.

Again, you should ensure that the product and the cooperation partner fit your target group. Otherwise, too many other users who have nothing to do with the topic may be attracted and leave again after the competition. For sweepstakes, you must also familiarize yourself with Instagram’s policies. As a user, Instagram provides some guidelines you must adhere to.

Attend offline events

As great as the opportunities for networking in the online world are, offline events still offer excellent opportunities to exchange ideas with others. Meeting in person and exchanging ideas with other users is different. Classic networking can also be very valuable for Instagram cooperation. There are numerous blogger events or influencer meetings in larger cities where you can meet many people from the same industry.

For some events, however, you have to be invited by the organizers. This requires an already good number of followers. Therefore, These events are more suitable for people who want to continue expanding their existing number of followers. Or you can ask fellow Instagram bloggers if they can take you to an event.

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