How to Make a Searchable Member Directory on WordPress Business Sites?

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If you run a business site using WordPress, you might want to create a searchable member directory. wordpress service provider This is a directory of your team members or business associates that visitors can easily search for and find the person they need to contact. 

A searchable member directory can be a valuable resource for your clients and customers, and it’s surprisingly easy to create using WordPress.

Choose a WordPress Directory Plugin

The first step is to choose a WordPress directory plugin that suits your needs. wordpress service provider, There are many WordPress plugins available that can create a directory for you, but not all are created equal. 

  1. GeoDirectory
  2. Connections Business Directory
  3. Business Directory Plugin
  4. Simple Directory
  5. WP Business Directory

Each of these plugins has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Install and Activate the Plugin

Once you’ve chosen a WordPress directory plugin, you’ll need to install and activate it on your WordPress site. bespoke wordpress development To do this, log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins menu, click on “Add New”, search for your chosen plugin, and then click on “Install Now” and “Activate” once it’s downloaded.

Set Up the Directory

After you’ve activated the plugin, you can start setting up your directory. This involves creating categories and fields for your members’ information. custom wordpress development You can include any information you want, such as contact details, job title, bio, or social media links.

Most plugins have a set of default fields that you can use, but you can also add your own custom fields if you need to. To set up your directory, go to the plugin’s settings page and follow the prompts to create your categories and fields.

Add Members to the Directory

Now that you’ve set up your directory, you can start adding members to it. You can either add members manually one by one or import them in bulk using a CSV file. wordpress development services If you have many members, it’s usually more efficient to import them using a CSV file.

Create a Searchable Directory Page

The next step is to create a page on your website where your searchable directory will be displayed. wordpress website development services Most WordPress directory plugins come with a built-in page template that you can use, but you can also create your own custom page if you prefer.

To create your directory page, go to Pages > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. custom wordpress development services Give your page a name (e.g. “Member Directory”), and then select the directory page template from the Page Attributes section. Publish your page, and your directory will be live on your site.

Customize the Search Options

Your directory plugin will come with default search options, but you may want to customize them to make your directory more user-friendly. For example, you might want to add filters so visitors can search by location, department, or job title.

To customize your search options, go to the plugin settings page and look for the search options section. wordpress plugin development services You can usually add filters by creating custom fields and assigning them to your search options.

 Add the Directory to Your Navigation Menu

The final step is to add your searchable member directory to your website’s navigation menu. To do this, go to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress dashboard, select your directory page from the list of pages, and then add it to your menu. You can usually drag and drop the menu item to rearrange the order of your menu items.

Optimize the directory for search engines

One of the benefits of having a searchable member directory is that it can improve your website’s SEO. 

To optimize your directory for search engines, make sure to use descriptive member profiles and keywords in the directory’s title, URL, and meta description. You can also use schema markup to help search engines understand the content of your directory and display rich snippets in search results.

Maintain the directory

Finally, it’s important to regularly maintain your member directory to ensure that it stays up-to-date and accurate. This may involve adding new members, updating member profiles, and removing inactive members. custom wordpress website development services You may also need to troubleshoot any issues with the plugin or directory functionality.


 Creating a searchable member directory on your WordPress business site can be a valuable tool for promoting your business and helping customers find the information they need. 

wordpress service provider By following these steps, you can create a professional-looking directory that is easy to use and optimize for search engines. 

Whether you have a small team or a large organization, a member directory can help you stay organized and connected with your members. If you are looking for web design and development services and want to Make a Searchable Member Directory on WordPress Business Sites then contact 8therate.

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