Which Doctor is Best for Bones and Joints in India

The state of Delhi and its surrounding national capital territory of Delhi is quite well known for its state of world-class healthcare facilities. This would include and a special team of excellent and well-dedicated bone and joint specialists. The following list would include top bone and joint specialists in Delhi – NCR who are specialized in treating bone and joint deformities and with subsequent pain management for the subsequent longevity of the patient in the longer run.

These specialists have been able to attain the most trustworthy gain of patients who are able to gain specialized care from fracture treatment, and trauma management along with treatment of repetitive strain injuries.

People nowadays are mainly very much concerned about their bones and their associated joints as it affects their daily day-to-day activities. When I see knee and joint deformities in patients, especially in young children and adults I am so much concerned as to how their daily life would be affected as it involved daily movements of their joints.

I have worked as a consultant for the medical tourism sector for the past 7 years and can understand when a patient is fully nervous or feeling anxious and who would eventually be confident in this regard. My job is to mainly convince the patients to start getting the best possible treatment from the best-trusted doctor as soon as possible.

When I had previously begun to start working with haddi ka doctor in Delhi, I had single-handedly learned to handle patients who had been undergoing severe mental uneasiness before their joint and bone replacement surgeries.
I received formal training from top orthopedic doctor in Delhi. He devotedly guided me on all about how to inform the patients about the conditions under which there is necessitated importance about doing this surgery.

This had quite been the tough part as the patients especially with low economic backgrounds were fully filled with possible misconceptions and so convincing them was such a hard task at hand but with proper support, I was able to perform this task with so much ease.

What Are the Major Essential Functions of The Bones and The Joints: –

Bones and joints are two possible supportive structures that in addition provide supportive movement for the body. The major functionality role of the bones includes:


Supportive function – The supportive and integrative framework for the body is provided by the bones where the shape is maintained and to form its overall structure. Provides the body its necessary rigidity and essentially provides an attachment for muscle tissues.

Protective function -Bones essentially carry out their function of protecting the body including in this case the essential organs from injury. For instance, skulls form an encasing and protective covering protecting the brain, spinal cord, and other essential nerves, the ribcage is a protecting cage for the heart and the vertebral column is able to enclose the spinal cord and protect it from sudden shocks and other disturbances.

Movement of the body along with other organs – The attachment point for the muscles in the body is the bones. That’s where the joints originate. The movement of the joints is through the contraction of the muscles, they will start pulling on the bones.

This will result in the bending of bones, producing a pull and push motion. This will result in various types of movement from simple movements such as walking motion or complex functions of the muscle and its associated bones such as cycling or climbing.


Enables body movement – Joints are the position where the bones come together. They allow proper movement between bones which will enable daily activities such as walking, twisting, and running.

Results in body stability – The body’s skeleton is able to move in a properly oriented motion with the aid of these joints. There are certain joints that allow for limited movement. Whereas others provide a wide range of movement such as ball and socket joints.  

Absorbing shocks – Joints are comprised of specialized structures that will be absorbing and distribute shock forces during body movement, which will protect the bones to minimize wear and tear.

Why Should One Visit A Bone and Joint Specialist?

There can be several possible reasons for having a consultant visit to your joint and bone specialist. It might be to be able to recuperate from your ailing musculoskeletal health.

Recurring discomfort and pain – Continuous or strong pain in the joints, muscles, bones, or surrounding tissues can be a condition of an underlying issue. The cause of the pain will be diagnosed by the specialist and accordingly, proper treatment be likewise recommended.

Restricted normal range of motion – Whenever there is difficulty or you do experience difficulty in moving your knee or joint motion properly, it will be advised to consult your specialist in such a situation.

Grievous injury – Once the bone or joint region especially in the joint area of the elbow or the knee experience any sprain, strain dislocation, fracture, or any other symptom, one must go for proper evaluation.

This is especially important to identify the proper cause before beginning the treatment. This will lead to moving toward a proper diagnosis and resultant care in the proper direction.

Top Best Doctor for Bones and Joints in Delhi NCR: –

  1. Dr D.K Das is top bones and joint specialist doctor in Delhi NCR. He is having total experience of more than 22 years. He treats his patients with the utmost care, concern. Joint deformations and pain management are his top priorities for treatment. Patients from several countries have successfully performed knee and hip replacement surgery under his dedicated and sincere guidance.
  • The other famous bone and joint surgeon is Dr. P S Gill. Knee and hip problems are his specific areas of specialization in treatment. With more than 28 years of experience patients with musculoskeletal deformities have been properly and carefully treated for hip and knee replacement he has carried out more than 6000 hip replacement surgeries.
  • One of the well-known orthopaedic doctors in Delhi is Dr. Ashish Dewan. Specialized currently in joint replacement surgery. Currently, with 22 years of experience, he has and is treating patients with hip replacement and revision surgeries.
  • Other conditions which he has treated are muscle and joint problem degradation stages of cartilage and deformities of the spinal system.
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