Does a website design help generate more leads?

Are you into a lead generation business? If so, you must know that all aspects of marketing are important to focus on to draw in more customers, and website design is one of them. It is not surprising to know that even marketing experts undermine designs or put them at the end when it comes to overhauling a website to make it user-friendly.

Google will check the quality of content before indexing or caching a page, and then it will review how people are interacting with your website. In other words, when a relevant search query is made, Google will act as a mediator to introduce your business to your clients. Still, at the same time, it will review how users are interacting with your website to decide your ranking in search results.

It will improve if your users spend some time on your website and vice-versa. Here comes the role of a designer. If the design or presentation of content is not attractive, users will find it repellent, and as a result, your website’s bounce rate will go up.

It is important to provide your users with a straight and relevant answer to their query, but it is even more important that they find that answer without any hassle. Design is all about user experience. If your website’s design is attractive, your users will find it engaging. They will likely stay a bit longer time and want to explore other products and services.

Tips for crafting a website design that helps generate more leads

If you are looking to generate more leads, you should follow the following tips to make your website design more attractive:

  • Look out at the page loading speed

You should focus on the page loading speed. Within a split second, your page should be downloaded no matter how many images and videos you have uploaded to it. If your page takes a longer time to download, your users will close your website and go to your competitors.

This will increase the bounce rate of your website, meaning your lead-generating business will be at stake. Tools like Google PageSpeed Insight can let you know the loading time of your page and how you can reduce it.

Shared hosting can be one of the reasons why your page takes a longer time. You can improve it by opting for a dedicated hosting plan. It can be more expensive than sharing a hosting plan, but you can take out bad credit loans in Ireland. These loans can help fund the initial cost of the plan.

  • Utilise white space

Many companies think that white space should be removed with the help of text, images, and graphics. Unfortunately, this is not what is called white space utilisation. In fact, you are killing white space. You should have white space on your webpage because it is an excellent way to put information in an organised manner.

It will make your page look more appealing. Treat it as part of your design. It will make it easier for your visitors to navigate through the information on the page. Even if your content is rich, the page will not look messy.

  • Have a simple navigation

Navigation is quite essential to improve the experience of your users. When it is easier for them to navigate from one page to another, they will be keener on exploring your products and services. Even if they have come to your website to buy a product, they would have to click the call-to-action and land on the page where they will fill in their details.

This process should be done very smoothly. A good navigation experience will go a long way, especially if your purpose is not just to provide information but to generate leads. Users will remain on your website if they can easily communicate with your website, and that cannot happen without strong navigation.

  • Make a design that reflects your business

The design you choose must reflect your business. Everything – the design, the colour, the font size – should be unique, and all must blend with each other. For instance, if you have an e-commerce store selling watches from multiple brands, you should choose contrasting colours like black and white that help your watches stand out.

If you choose multiple colours, your website will look like a rainbow, and even an attractive watch will lose the sight of its customers.

  • Add testimonials and reviews to your website

Adding testimonials and reviews is part of a website design. First off, it breaks the information on the page, so it does not look very long and messy. Your users would like to know what your customers think about your business, especially when you are involved in a lead generation business.

Google reviews are more trustworthy than testimonials. Google reviews provide authentic information about your brand’s reputation among your audience. People will immediately make a decision to purchase your goods and services when they see positive reviews on your website.

Make sure you add the link to the review website so users can land there to know what other customers have to say about your business. This will increase your trust in users for you.

The final word

A website design is very important when it comes to generating leads. It helps users spend some more time on your website, which helps reduce the bounce rate. You should hire an expert website designer that enables you to choose the best, unique, and most attractive designs.

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