AI Applicant Tracking Software: Everything You Need to Know!

applicant tracking system

Have you ever wondered why, after spending many hours preparing your resume and doing mental gymnastics to make it look different from others, you’re still not getting interview calls from the companies you think you are eligible for? 

Well, the answer is the company that you’ve applied for is using application tracking software for shortlisting candidates rather than doing so manually. So, we need to know about ATS software to catch up with the modern-day applicant tracking process.

Hence, in this blog, we will help you understand more about:

  • What is AI applicant tracking software?
  • How does an AI applicant tracking software work?
  • Features of an AI applicant tracking system
  • The future of AI applicant tracking software

What is AI Applicant Tracking Software?

An AI applicant tracking system is a recruitment tool that aids firms in managing and shortlisting numerous resumes/applications. Certainly, employee tracking systems have different features, but all of them serve one common purpose, that is, applicant tracking and easing the hiring process. 

Different firms use different software to track applications. But, among the most popular ATS system are: 

1. Pitch N Hire, used by Cogniable, Nestor, and SLT.

2. iCIMS, used by Southwest Airlines, Uber, and Amazon.

3. Greenhouse, used by AirBnb, Pinterest, and WeWork.

4. Jobvite, used by Zillow, Spotify, and Logitech.

5. Brassring, used by Disney, GE, and Lockheed Martin.

6. Lever, used by Indiegogo, Lyft, and Shopify.

Additionally, major companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook have their proprietary applicant tracking systems.

How Does an AI Applicant Tracking Software Work?

Selecting the resume of the best candidates for a job interview is usually considered one of the most tiring and time-consuming processes for recruiters, especially when firms receive a high volume of applications. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, AI applicant tracking software is used to simplify the process. 

The employee tracking system uses data from current employees, which plays an important role in applicant monitoring and hiring a new candidate. One of the best examples of a recruitment-focused machine learning solution that helps in applicant tracking is Google Hire. It allows recruiters to create a list of former candidates who match the current job openings based on profiles, job descriptions, etc.

What are the Features of an AI Applicant Tracking System?

AI applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the applicant tracking process. The following are some of the critical features of applicant tracking software: 

Candidate Sourcing

This feature aids you in applicant tracking, i.e., to identify and reach out to potential candidates suitable for the position.

Candidate Screening

The ATS software screens candidates using AI machine learning. What’s more, it analyzes their qualifications and skills from the application, helping recruiters find the best fit for the role.

Chat Bots

The AI applicant tracking software uses chatbots to interact with candidates, providing personalized responses to their questions. And this enhances candidate experience and engagement throughout the recruitment process.

Video Interviews

The ATS software enables video interviews with candidates, saving time and effort for recruiters by replacing in-person interviews. In addition, it uses facial recognition to capture candidates’ responses, providing valuable insights into their suitability for the position. So, it’s one of the most useful features of AI applicant tracking software that helps in the applicant tracking process.


The employee tracking system eases onboarding by automating tasks like sending welcome emails, configuring payroll, and assigning duties to newly hired candidates. This ultimately saves time and simplifies the entire applicant tracking process.

What is the Future of AI Applicant Tracking System Software?

The applicant tracking system has evolved remarkably over the past decade. Initially, they were used for basic tasks like tracking candidates, but now they offer advanced features like video interviews, parsing applicant resumes, onboarding, etc.

In the future, AI applicant tracking software is likely to improve their existing functions, making them more user-friendly and even easier to operate with other HR tools. This is crucial as some job postings attract hundreds of applicants. Therefore, any improvements that make it easier for recruiters to track applicants, review applications, communicate with candidates, and collaborate with hiring managers will bring about significant benefits for the company.


AI applicant tracking software has become essential for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their hiring and applicant tracking. Hence, the proliferation of data and technological breakthroughs make traditional approaches ineffective.

Companies can find the most qualified individuals more quickly by employing AI applicant tracking software. And the software can review cover letters, resumes, and other application materials to compare them to the needs of the position and the necessary credentials. But it can still be a challenge to decide which ATS to choose. We say go with Pitch N Hire. They make hirings easier, and their customer service makes the whole investment worth every penny!

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